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Post  Ghus on Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:45 pm


We started out as a bunch of randoms not knowing each other but still sharing the same goal - to be successful in PvE and yet be raiding casually. Some of us came as rerollers, others returned from long breaks and others started fresh.

We had our first Gruul kill July 29th, spent August sorting out retards and then began the steamrolling. Having our first Tier 6 raid ever on September 2nd and being 5/5 MH 4/9 BT September 23rd - we cleared Hyjal and the beginning of BT in 21 days (or 9 raids, we do 3 raids a week) going directly from Gruul's lair (didn't bother with tier 5 content). We then had some major issues with trials not living up to our expectations skillwise/socially and people going yeslifers with summer vacation ending until we eventually found the people we wanted and got Gurtogg down pre-patch.

For Woltk we tried out a merger, whilst we had some stellar success we weren't really enjoying the raids as much as we did flying solo. So now we have reformed under the old flag in order to do things the right way.

Content got pumped in Wotlk, with the 6th horde side Sarth3D kill. We are currently working our way through Ulduar. Fun instance yo.

If this is something that you would like to be a part of, there are a few things you should consider. "Hardcore raiding done casually" and "Swift progress without retards" pretty much sums up what our aims and goals are for this guild. We raid 4 official raids a week like any other casual guild, but when raiding we figured it would be more fun to spend time killing bosses than to spend time wiping, so we decided to make SURE our raiding team only consists of people with:

- Brains enough to move out of fire
- A close to non-existant learning curve
- The will to constantly improve their game; you can ALWAYS improve.
- Brains enough to move out of fire
- Full and complete understanding of their class and the will to sustain that knowledge.
- The ability to give and take constructive critisism. Nerdrage much?

We also need all of our members to fit in socially - we've lost several players with great skills (like bowhunting skills, computerhacking skills) due to pure arrogance or just failing at social competence. Our members range mostly between 18 and 22, and thus a certain level of maturity and understanding of sarcasm is required. Why so serious?

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